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We have officially joined SJ NABA!

After careful consideration, the Bolts will be joining SJ NABA for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 season. Bolts coaches attended SJ NABA's first managers meeting a few weeks ago and we were very impressed with what the league has to offer. The league commissioners are passionate, they are orgarized, and they are progressive in their methods to improve player experience and grow the league.

Here are a few highlights of the 2022 SJ NABA season:

  • There will be 20 games, including 5 double headers.

  • Opening Day is March 20th

  • There will likely be a league organized scrimage game before the season starts on March 13th

  • The league requires stats to be kept and uploaded to the league website every game.

  • Playoffs will start August 7th and end the weekend after Labor Day

  • Players are required to be present for 10 regular season games to be eligible for the playoff roster

  • There will be an All-Star game in August at the park where the San Jose Giants play

The Bolts staff looks forward to working with the league to make the 2022 season the best yet.

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