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My expectations of you as a Bolts player.

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

In a previous post I laid out what you can expect from me. This is what I expect from you. If you agree to put on a Bolts jersey, this is what you are signing up for:


Honesty. I’ll be straightforward with you and I want you to be straightforward with me. If you are unhappy with me, a coach, another player, your playing time, whatever, please bring your concerns to me right away. I don’t want unresolved issues to fester and become bigger issues.


Communicate. I need to know who will be at the games, practices, and even fun events (yes, we do those too) to plan properly. This not only makes my life easier but it helps us maximize our time together and most importantly, facilitates a winning team. Please don’t show up to a game without letting me know and expect to play. Likewise, please don’t commit to a game then ghost us. It’s not fair to your teammates or to your coaches.


Show up. The other coaches and I are trying to build a team that will play together and hopefully win together for several seasons at a time. That starts with getting to know your teammates and getting time on the field together. If you sign up to play with us, I expect you to attend at least 3/4 of all games and practices.


Pay your league dues on time. I’m not running this team for profit but I’m also not running it for charity. League fees are set above my pay grade but I’ll advocate that they are as reasonable as possible and that we are getting the most out of what we are paying for (field usage, umpires, baseballs, insurance).


Leave your egos at home. The Bolts are a team playing a team sport. No individual is more important than the team as a collective and no individual will get special treatment. We will win and we will lose as a team.

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