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Bolts Team Mantras

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Baseball is a beautiful game but also a fickle friend that will humble the most hardened veteran. Following these rules will get us a long way toward victory. Review them often. Commit them to memory and make them your Bolts way of life.


Make the routine plays routine.

Games at this level aren’t won and lost by the miraculous diving catch. Successful teams practice solid baseball fundamentals.


Take the out.

We’ll take the sure play every time.


Back up the play.

Errors happen. Always be in position to back up your teammate.


Consider your options before every pitch.

Know what you are going to do with the ball and where you are going to go before the play happens.


Communicate explicitly.

Talk to each other. Tell them how many outs there are, who the cutoff man is, where you are going with the ball if it comes to you, or what position you will be in if the ball goes somewhere else.


Don’t run into outs.

If you get caught stealing or thrown out at home because the coaches told you to run, that’s on us. If you get picked off second because you strayed too far and weren’t paying attention, that’s on you.


Put the ball in play.

With two strikes choke up a bit, shorten your swing, and focus on putting the ball in play. If you put the ball in play, you never know what will happen. If you strike out, you do.

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